Creepy Robots

It's only a matter of time before one of these kills somebody.

Nov 13

The uncanny valley army is on the march.

Aug 10

In the future, robots will have prehensile buttocks.

You can no longer count on creepy robots having creepy legs.

May 10

Asimov’s fourth rule: All walking robots must walk like they have crapped themselves.

Apr 20

As the population ages, Pedobear will have to adapt. (thanks @golan!)

Apr 11

I’ve never wanted to turn my hand into a face, but i’m glad it’s possible.

Mar 28

This has been a recurring nightmare for me.

This one is actually for killing people.

Coming to a rooftop near you.

Mar 8

Cheetah runs straight out of the Uncanny Valley and into your nightmares. (Seriously, what is with the backwards legs?)

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