Creepy Robots

It's only a matter of time before one of these kills somebody.

Jul 26

A robot learning to flip pancakes is both creepy and tasty.

Top countries by robot density

Top countries by robot density

May 24

LittleDog, now available in nightmares immediately.

May 7

Imagine a robot, stomping on a face, forever.

I refuse to make the obvious joke about this one.

Someday soon, a robot is going to stab the bejeezus out of somebody. (thanks @golan)

Apr 2

Someday soon somebody is going to get killed by an industrial laundry robot. Hat tip to @stumm.

Mar 30

Hubo II’s straight-walking legs will help it preceed Asimo out of the Uncanny Valley.

Mar 16

Swarmbots stand by to collect your carcass.

Feb 16

Six-legged robots shake their cyberbooty.